Approaching God

How do we approach God?  How do we learn more about Him?  How do we know what God wants us to do?  How do we please God, and do the things that He wants us to do?   We hope to grow our library of videos with teachings on these and other topics.

In James 1 and Matthew 13 we are given two illustrations about different people’s actions when given the words of God. Both illustrations are designed to help us to learn what to DO with God’s word when we read it– and why. (Time 4:05)

 Perhaps you’ve drifted away from God.  In James chapter four, verse 8 we’re told “Draw closer to God, and He will draw closer to you.” Using both practical life examples as well as scripture, the presenter tell us how to do so– and describes the benefits of doing so. (Time 4:17)

The presenter, an amateur pilot and Bible class teacher, compares his flight planning with his “eternity planning” and the importance of both. (Time 4:09)

In Matthew 9, Jesus was in his hometown of Nazareth when a paralyzed man was brought to him. Before Jesus healed the man, He asked those present a most interesting question. The presenter also discusses Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus in John 3. (Time 2:11)

There’s a book in the New Testament that seems to be mostly ignored by churches and church leaders. The presenter believes that its often ignored because its at odds with most current “Christian” thought. He invites the viewer to read the book and draw their own conclusions. (Time 3:51)

As adults, we discover that we can’t trust everyone. We learn that trust for others is built upon knowledge and observation. The presenter discusses the logic of how we would go about learning to trust God, and the benefits that come about as we build our trust for Him. (Time 2:59)

In Matthew 8, Luke 8 and Mark 4, all three men record an event that even today should give us pause. We’re told the story of Jesus stopping a huge storm and angry waves with three words. (Time 3:51)