Who are we?

We are people, like you, living in Chipley and in other cities in the Florida panhandle and south Alabama.  Our members are made up of people of all ages and of all walks of life. Some are new Christians, and some are experienced Christians.  We have young families, and older members.  Again– we’re just people– like you.  

We’re the Chipley Church of Christ, and we are seeking to be a congregation like what we see described in the New Testament. We want to be known as “Christians” because it means that we are “of Christ.”    It’s our goal as a church and as individual members for Christ to be our leader, and for the New Testament to be our only guide in how we live, how we approach God and how we treat others.  We believe that the simple teachings of Jesus and his apostles can be read and easily understood by anyone.  It’s how we try to do everything– using the simple, easily understood New Testament.  We believe that God gave us these words, and that we can follow them.
Our desire is to honor God and to live for Christ. With that common goal we strive to learn, to do, and to teach God’s word together- as a closely-knit family of believers.  And we’re always looking for others to come join our Christian family, too.
We are your neighbors, your co-workers, and your fellow students. We are people, saved from sin, who are interested in the salvation of others. We want heaven to be our eternal home and yours. When you visit us, you will be received warmly, kindly, and courteously.  Here’s what to expect if you visit us. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our congregation for worship or Bible study, visit our church website or contact one of us below.

Evangelist (and member of the community- like you!): Darrel Yontz (850) 849-5580  darrelyontz@gmail.com

Webmaster (and member of the community- like you!): Ross Statham (770) 329-5400  ross.statham@gmail.com