How To Live As A Christian

Jesus and the Bible have much to say about everyday living.  The Bible not only tells us how to listen to God, and how to approach God, but it also teaches us how to approach and work with each other- and how to help each other. We will seek to answer deeper questions as “Who is my neighbor?” along with some understanding of the things that we can do to prepare for the stresses of everyday live—and to prepare for the life to come.

In Matthew 5:33-37, Jesus teaches us how to make our words always trustworthy to others. We learn how to be the kind of people where people take all of our words at face value. We never have to say, “I promise” or “I swear” because people take what we say at face value. (Time 3:36)

Some people today believe that having riches and fame equates to not only “success”, but it proves that God has blessed you. The presenter discusses what Jesus said in Matthew 6 as well as I Thessalonians 4:11 and other passages. (Time 3:31)

Arguing is a losing game. Jesus talks about how to go to someone who wrongs you– and the presenter points out how to work to keep those “discussions” from turning into arguments. A reminder is Matthew 5:9, which teaches “Blessed be the peacemakers.” (Time 3:48)

In Galatians 3:28 we are taught that our race, our sex and even our jobs every day make no matter to God. We are ultimately taught that all lives matter to God, and to His son. We also consider scripture such as Jeremiah 1:5 and Luke 12:7 and bring to our minds the degree of God’s knowledge of who we all are. (Time 3:46)

Temptation for everyone is different. In James 1 and in other passages we are taught that not only does God not tempt us, but He’s given us teaching and tools to help us to overcome temptation. Much good can come from being prepared for temptation, so that when it does invariably come– you’ll be ready. (Time 3:12)

In Luke 6:47-49, Jesus speaks of preparations we need to make before the rain beings and the waters start to rise. He talks about building spiritual foundations and being anchored to His teachings– rather than that of the world. A major help in this is found in James 1:22, which says To “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only” (Time 3:43)

Jesus pointed out in Matthew 6:33 that while God had taught us to “love our neighbors”, others had added “and hate your enemies.” He said, “No” and teaches some valuable lessons around racism, racial profiling– and how we should treat perfect strangers. (Time 4:14)

The presenter, an amateur pilot and Bible class teacher, compares his flight planning with his “eternity planning” in Matthew 7:13 and discusses the importance of both. (Time 4:09)

The presenter, an amateur pilot and Bible class teacher, compares the lights that line the edges of the runway with the “lights” that in Matthew 5:16 that Jesus commanded us to be. (Time 2:11)